Paid Online Casino Games


The Benefits Of Paid Game Online Casino Games

Playing for free is great fun, for players living in Hong Kong and elsewhere, but there are many benefits to playing paid game online casino versions of games. There are plenty of games available to play for free on a variety of different online casino sites, however, many players prefer to up the stakes and play for real money. … Read More

What to Remember when Playing Roulette

As the quintessential icon of casino elegance and excitement, Roulette is one of the games sure to be featured in the most reputable online casinos you’ll find in our listings. All the top sites will offer both American and European Roulette.

If you’re a novice learning your way around Canada’s online casino options, Roulette is a good game to try, as soon as you’re looking to expand your gaming horizons beyond slots. Here are a few of the most important things to remember when playing Roulette: … Read More

Dubai’s Best Online Casino Websites Evaluated

When considering something like the best online casino websites available for Dubai there is of course the aspect of player preference. At the end of the day the only ones that can deem a casino site as the best is the players that find it as such.

This means that players must find the majority of the aspects involved to be attractive since the variety available will allow them to change options rather easily. This also means that taking the time to learn as much about all of these options can save players a good deal of time and effort. … Read More

Trying the Best Online Casino Options Available

For players of Dubai there are a good number of possibilities in regard to the best online casino options. The thing to note off the bat with this pursuit is that players are the ones that can deem a casino option as the best and so the choice rests in the hands of these players.

This means that a few aspects of these possibilities need to be discussed to enable players the chance to make the most informed decision in this regard. … Read More

Hitman Online Video Slot

As is the case with most of the highly popular online video slot games, Hitman started out as a video game. Initially developed and published by Danish company IO Interactive, the original video game revolves around the adventures of a certain Agent 47.

Agent 47 is a clone, and the perfect assassin, having no conscience to get in the way of his murderous deeds.  This places Agent 47 in high demand with the wealthy and the elite wanting to get rid of someone and leave no trace. … Read More

Highway Kings Pro Online Slots

Modern-day Cowboys. A modern, and befitting, description for the drivers of Big Rigs and Monster Trucks: the Kings of the road. It is a lifestyle that has been romanticised by the likes of Johnny Cash and The Grateful Dead.

The lure of the open road has appealed to many, but it’s not a way of life meant for everyone. Being away for months on end on a long haul trip is understandably not everyone’s cup of tea. … Read More

High Society Online Slot Game

The High Society online slot game is themed around the wealthy lifestyle that all players dream of with symbols being represented by luxurious items. It is a Microgaming developed online slot game played on five reels and three rows.

High Society has 25 pay lines in total. A maximum of only 25 coins are allowed for each and every spin with betting options starting at 0.25 per coin. The online slot is more suitable for mid to high rollers as the betting options suit them better. … Read More

Jewel of the Dragon Slot Online

A recreation of the popular land-based game, the Jewel of the Dragon slot has been released into the online world by well-known developers,  Bally Software.

The Jewel of the Dragon slot plays out over the usual 5 reels and 40 fixed paylines, however, there are a number of different qualities that separate this slot from the rest, with most of them found in the bonus features. … Read More