Online slots, or online pokies as they are more commonly referred to in New Zealand, are one of the most popular types of casino games that are played online today. There are many attractive reasons why you should try your hand at online pokies. Real money prizes being one of the biggest draws. That, along with hours of entertaining gameplay make it a fun and potentially rewarding leisure activity to pursue.

There are a few different ways New Zealand residents can win playing online pokies. Real money is up for grabs here, so if you’re new to the exciting world of online pokies, it’s best to familiarise yourself with the different types of online slots available.

Characteristics of Three Reel Online Pokies

Three reel slots are often referred to as classic or traditional pokies.

They usually feature a characteristically sleek design, simple graphics and easy-to-navigate gaming interface. Like the name suggests, they feature three reels and a single payline, which makes them quite simple to play. The objective is simple- match three of the same slot symbols on the payline to win.

Due to the fact that they have relatively fewer winning combinations, the odds are often higher than other slots with multiple paylines, however, they have a smaller winning potential with smaller jackpots and bonuses.

If you’re just starting out and want to get familiar with online slots, a great place to start off is with three reel online pokies. Real money payouts and exciting bonuses could be yours in no time at all.

Characteristics Of Five Reel Online Pokies

Think of five reel NZ online pokies as the bigger, more advanced version of their three reel counterparts. They feature five reels with a greater amount of winning combinations and have a higher rate of volatility. Five reel online pokies enjoy greater popularity amongst online slots players and offer greater jackpots and bonuses.

One of the biggest draws for five reel online pokies is that they offer players a highly interactive gaming experience, with multitudes of slots featuring immersive plot lines, compelling animation and sound, as well as entertaining bonus rounds and in-game features. A simple search online for five reel pokies will bring up a range of games that boast attractive themes, you’ll even find a wide range of online slots based on some of your favourite movies, books and celebrities.

Considering that they feature a greater number of combinations, the chances of landing a winning payline of matching symbols is harder than the when playing a classic three reel online pokie. Real money remains up for grabs with both versions, whether it be small payouts or lucrative progressive jackpots.

Characteristics of Progressive Pokies

Progressive pokies are most often five reel online pokies and offers players a shot at winning a large winning pot called a progressive jackpot. Most online slots have a fixed jackpot. What makes a progressive pokie different is that its jackpot gets progressively bigger until one lucky player finally wins.

The same progressive pokie is featured on various online casino sites, all connected to the same software gaming provider. This means that a larger number of players are all playing for the same pot through various online casino sites, with a percentage of each wager placed being fed to the overall pot. This incremental increase to the pot accumulates and ultimately creates a massive jackpot. If you’re looking to win a life-changing amount of money, focus your efforts of progressive online pokies. Real money jackpots that are valued at millions could be yours for the taking.