Holland Casino is a Netherlands-based company that currently oversees all of the country’s real money gambling activities, both at land-based casinos and online. With 14 land-based casino establishments operated by Holland Casino throughout the Netherlands, the company is considered to have a monopoly over the Dutch gambling industry. The games available at Holland Casino’s land-based casinos include roulette, blackjack, Money Wheel, Punto Banco, poker and bingo, the profits of which are sent on to the Dutch Treasury with the purpose of curbing irresponsible or illegitimate gambling practices in the country.

Recent Developments with Dutch Gambling

The start of 2015 saw a couple of notable changes within the Dutch gambling industry, especially regarding online casino gambling. In 2015, the Netherlands opened their national online casino and gambling market to international and domestic gambling establishments, using Holland Casino as their primary service provider.

Online casino activities in the Netherlands are all strictly regulated by the state, and added enforcement from the Dutch Gaming Authority ensures above-board operations that can easily be monitored.

Holland Casino and Playtech

As online casino gambling was legalised in the Netherlands in 2015, Holland Casino announced its new partnership with British casino software developer Playtech, choosing the developer as its major provider of online gambling games for Dutch players.

Playtech was founded in 1999 and quickly established itself in the online casino game industry thanks to its wide portfolio of both online and mobile gambling games. The company has its headquarters based in the Isle of Man and states that it is one of the largest providers of gambling software and services in the world. With acquisitions of many gambling companies since its establishment, Playtech now has employees and offices based in no less than 12 territories across the globe, including the online casino development hubs of Gibraltar, the UK and Cyprus.

Playtech Develops Dutch Online Casino Platform

Playtech has recently developed a customised online casino platform for Holland Casino, providing game software for a variety of casino games and other gambling activities that have been specifically formatted for play by players from the Netherlands. A specific play-for-points system has also been put into place by the developer, which will allow Holland Casino to establish itself in the international online casino industry and also develop a solid customer base with local gamblers.

Real Money Casino Games for Dutch Players

The Holland Casino site will be launched in 2015, but the availability of real money play will be delayed until the necessary permits have been distributed to all malaysian casinos. Holland Casino estimates that around 800,000 Dutch citizens currently play at international casino sites, wagering amounts of up to €250 million each year.

It will soon be a possibility for Dutch casino players to access real money slots, casino games, poker, lottery games, sports betting and bingo directly from Holland Casino’s online platform. All of these games can be played from a variety of devices, including personal computers and mobile phones, and can be funded via secure payment options supported by Playtech’s built-in security features and multi-device compatibility.