Headlines recently stated; Evolution to Create Live Gaming Platform for Danske Spil. So it seems that high profile, live casino company Evolution Studios are at it again. Hardly a month goes by these days without the globally known company cropping up in one headline or another. This latest deal, involving Denmark based casino Danke Spil, indicates that if you were a shareholder, you would probably be smiling from ear to ear around about now. So who are Evolution Studios, and what does this latest deal mean for the online casino industry?

Evolution Studios are well known for being the cutting edge of the live casino scene, responsible for nearly all the live streams currently received by online casino Singapore. In fact, if something happens relating to live casinos, you can almost be certain Evolution Studios had something to do with it. The company has been moving from strength to strength lately, with lucrative deals occurring on an almost monthly basis. This latest deal sees them once again confirm that they are the market leader as far as live casinos are concerned. Let’s have a closer look at the Evolution to Create Live Gaming Platform for Danske Spil headline.

Gambling In Denmark

Firstly, the headline Evolution to Create Live Gaming Platform for Danske Spil is interesting due to the casino industry in Denmark itself. Until not long ago state owned Danke Spil was the only organisation legally allowed to offer gambling services to citizens of Denmark.

This changed not long ago, with the laws relaxing and a number of other gambling companies entering the country. The new situation offered Danke Spil a bit of much needed healthy competition, allowing the industry in Denmark to flourish. Danke Spil, of course, saw a major hit to business, not in the least because the many emerging companies were eager to make their presence felt.

This latest deal with Evolution Studios seems to be an effort by Danke Spil to again get on top of the market, providing exclusive live casino services that competing companies have yet to adopt. How this new development pans out remains to be seen, but the two parties benefiting most are, of course, the citizens of Denmark and Evolution Studios.


Live Casino Popularity

The second interesting thing about the Evolution to Create Live Gaming Platform for Danske Spil headline is what it means for the live casino industry itself. That Danke Spil was so eager to integrate the service can only mean that live casinos are seen as the cutting edge of the market. And who could argue that assumption? High quality video streamed directly to hundreds, if not thousands of individual players, in real time, is a highly advanced and impressive system. More so that players may interact with this service by placing bets based on what is being shown. It is, for lack of a better term, like stepping into some imagined science fiction future. How the industry develops, and how live casinos establish themselves in a blossoming market, also remains to be seen.