Cyberstud Poker from Microgaming is a game of poker conducted not between the players taking part in the game but between the player and the house instead. The game is enjoyed with an ante, and this remains on the table until the player either folds or calls. The dealer receives one card, and a decision is then required from the player which will depend on the likelihood the player feels that he or she has of beating the dealer. The game’s objective is a very simple one: players are required to end up with the strongest poker hand possible in order to win.

Cyberstud Poker will appeal to both players who enjoy poker and those who enjoy blackjack, and the latter will immediately notice the resemblance the game bears in terms of table layout to good old 21. Five spaces are laid out in front of the dealer’s station, and the player is required to lay a bet in the form of an ante. After this has been done the cards for play will be dealt, but, instead of two cards being handed out, as would be the case in a blackjack game, the player receives five. The dealer has one face-up card, and players can at this point make use of an additional bet option to be placed inside the oval marked for it. This is known as a call, and is valued at twice the amount of the original ante bet.

At this point the dealer will then draw a hand and will need to have a combination of at least the value an ace and a king in order for the game to continue. Should this not be the case the player will have won.

Understanding Payouts for Cyberstud Poker

The payout table for Cyberstud Poker is readily available, and there are help files within it which supply information on each of the different types of hands which are able to offer a payout: these are the standard poker hands of royal flush; straight flush; four-of-a-kind; full house; flush; straight; three-of-a-kind; two pairs; one pair and the afore-mentioned ace/king combo.

Players of Any Experience-Level Enjoy Cyberstud Poker

Thanks to how easy to use the Cyberstud Poker software is, players of any level of experience will be able to enjoy the game fairly easily. It does not boast complicated additional features, and provides solid; cricket betting functional game play that will allow players to get to grips with the game with the greatest of ease.

The graphics are as straightforward as the game is, and crisp features are the order of the day. Sound-effects are uncomplicated and feature both principal and background sounds, and players are able to turn these on or off by means of the options button provided.

The pace for Cyberstud Poker is a good one, and players will not be intimidated by rapid software flourishes. Although the pace is not adjustable it is enjoyable, and players will have no trouble getting into the rhythm. Players interested in an easy introduction to this type of poker, that where the player takes on the house, will be able to enjoy Cyberstud Poker at a number of different online venues which support software from this game developer.