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Singapore’s Top Casinos Online


Singapore is a very hip and happening place, with a large population that is very keen on playing casino games. However, with only two land-based casinos available in Singapore, no matter how lavish and luxurious these may be, many players based in Singapore choose to access online casino sites. Indeed, there are dozens upon dozens of online casino Singapore sites. With this large selection of online sites, it may be quite difficult for players to sift through them all and select one that they enjoy the most. … Read More

Online casino bonus UK


Terms and Conditions of Online Bonuses

Online casinos sites offer a vast number of different casino bonuses. There is so much competition between these sites that each one will try to outdo the other and try to get players to sign up with their online casino. It is important to note that online casinos are in the business of making money so these bonuses will come with requirements, such as play through requirements. Often players will not be able to cash out until you have used the bonus to play a number of times, or wagered it a certain amount. … Read More

Net Entertainment Casino Games


It is really quite simple to play games at top casinos with Net Entertainment. This game developer is perhaps best known for the slot games it has released over the years. However, slots are certainly not the only game types that are available. When looking to play games at top casinos with Net Entertainment, there are a number of other options to consider. … Read More

Holland Casino


Holland Casino is a Netherlands-based company that currently oversees all of the country’s real money gambling activities, both at land-based casinos and online. With 14 land-based casino establishments operated by Holland Casino throughout the Netherlands, the company is considered to have a monopoly over the Dutch gambling industry. The games available at Holland Casino’s land-based casinos include roulette, blackjack, Money Wheel, Punto Banco, poker and bingo, the profits of which are sent on to the Dutch Treasury with the purpose of curbing irresponsible or illegitimate gambling practices in the country.

Recent Developments with Dutch Gambling

The start of 2015 saw a couple of notable changes within the Dutch gambling industry, especially regarding online casino gambling. In 2015, the Netherlands opened their national online casino and gambling market to international and domestic gambling establishments, using Holland Casino as their primary service provider.

Online casino activities in the Netherlands are all strictly regulated by the state, and added enforcement from the Dutch Gaming Authority ensures above-board operations that can easily be monitored.

Holland Casino and Playtech

As online casino gambling was legalised in the Netherlands in 2015, Holland Casino announced its new partnership with British casino software developer Playtech, choosing the developer as its major provider of online gambling games for Dutch players.

Playtech was founded in 1999 and quickly established itself in the online casino game industry thanks to its wide portfolio of both online and mobile gambling games. The company has its headquarters based in the Isle of Man and states that it is one of the largest providers of gambling software and services in the world. With acquisitions of many gambling companies since its establishment, Playtech now has employees and offices based in no less than 12 territories across the globe, including the online casino development hubs of Gibraltar, the UK and Cyprus.

Playtech Develops Dutch Online Casino Platform

Playtech has recently developed a customised online casino platform for Holland Casino, providing game software for a variety of casino games and other gambling activities that have been specifically formatted for play by players from the Netherlands. A specific play-for-points system has also been put into place by the developer, which will allow Holland Casino to establish itself in the international online casino industry and also develop a solid customer base with local gamblers.

Real Money Casino Games for Dutch Players

The Holland Casino site will be launched in 2015, but the availability of real money play will be delayed until the necessary permits have been distributed to online casino malaysia. Holland Casino estimates that around 800,000 Dutch citizens currently play at international casino sites, wagering amounts of up to €250 million each year.

It will soon be a possibility for Dutch casino players to access real money slots, casino games, poker, lottery games, sports betting and bingo directly from Holland Casino’s online platform. All of these games can be played from a variety of devices, including personal computers and mobile phones, and can be funded via secure payment options supported by Playtech’s built-in security features and multi-device compatibility.

Online Casino USA Legalties


A Historical Point Of View

In order for any industry to function effectively, there must be sound rules and regulations and legal compliance in place.  The casino industry in the USA is governed by no less than three sets of gaming regulations.  Land based as well as online casino USA legal regulations are based on a body  of regulations going back more than two centuries.

The USA is in many ways a very liberal and open-minded country when it comes to gaming laws, with tribal casinos operating in more than 25 US states, and USA State-run lotteries being available in 44 US states.

Online casino gaming laws are slightly less progressive than its land based counterpart, but even here, the industry has seen exciting developments during the last couple of years.

Restrictions That Protect

Online casino USA legal regulations restrict certain activities for good reason. Ultimately these laws are in place to protect both the industry and the players.

Some laws have in actual fact been deemed to be too restrictive, and amendments have been made in order to make better provision for growth on the online side of the industry. The Interstate Wire Act is a good example of this. The Act was initially passed in order to cut into the profits of organised crime, creating a penalty that could by enforced by Federal Government in the USA.

The secondary effect however, was that the Act restricted access to betting by wire (translating into online bets). In 2011, USA Federal Government offered some clarity on a previously confusing Act, stating that wire communications that did not relate to a sporting event or contest, fell outside of the scope of the Act. This largely liberated online gaming from the restrictions of the Act.

State Gambling Law

The toughest cookie in the bag when it comes to Canadian mobile casino legal restrictions is State Gambling Law.  It’s no surprise when considering that more than 50 law books must be taken into account and adhered to, not to mention county and municipal by-laws.

In the years following World War II, only Maryland offered regulated gambling that operated within the boundaries of the law. It was only during the 1970’s, following a major economical depression that swept across all states in the USA, that gambling laws were relaxed. Ever since then, land based, and more recently, online casino USA legal boundaries have continued to evolve and progress.

What must be constantly kept in mind, is that gambling provides valuable revenue, and when properly governed, becomes a active role player in keeping the wheels of the economy turning.  Legal and authorised gambling has been instrumental in the avoidance of taxes having to be raised in order to provide much needed services.

Tribal casinos have played an especially crucial role in increasing State revenue income. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act governs all tribal casinos, and stipulates that gaming revenue be used for Governmental and Charitable purposes only.

The overall positive effects of the gaming industry on the economy as well as the social morale of the country as a whole far outweigh the limited negative implications.

Best Online Casino USA No Deposit Bonus


The best way to get an online casino experience in the states is by taking advantage of online casino USA no deposit bonus offers. These promotions are a great way to get instant free cash to wager at your favourite online casino.

Sign up and take advantage of these online casino offers and get real money paid into your casino account as soon as your details have been processed. … Read More

Casino Basics


A casino, in a nutshell, is a facility that houses certain types of gambling activities. They may be the traditional land-based casinos or, in the modern world, they are frequently based online, in which case the term ‘facility’ may simply be replaced by the word ‘website’. Often, land-based casinos are combined with other entertainment facilities, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, concert halls, and etcetera. These are all meant to attract players, and many casinos have gone out of their way to create elaborate themes and structures to enthral. … Read More

Australian iPad Casinos


The iPad tablet device can safely be said to be one of the most popular tablet items on the market worldwide, and this is particularly true in Australia. It is able to accomplish a number of different tasks, and you can not only stay abreast of important matters relating to your working life, but can keep up on the social elements we all wish we had more time for quickly and easily by means of it as well. Enjoying the services of a good Australian mobile casino is a great way to wind down after a long day at work or at home, and more and more players are turning to their tablet devices in order to do so. … Read More