Loads of Uniquely Different Blackjack Side Bets

blackjack online Australia has grown to be something of a Casino legend around the world. This is owing to the decades of its existence as well as the fact that this card game classic allows for several different possible variations to the game. These all play out rather similarly but include different betting arrangements as well as odds and even Blackjack side bets. The latter is a specific aspect that developers of these variations have played around with and exploited, giving the classic blackjack gameplay just a few more unique options during the game. These side bets often revolve around either the outcome of the dealer or the player’s cards and can return from 1 to 1 odds up to a more astounding 300 to 1, depending on the specific odds.

A Quick Rundown on Blackjack Itself

In order for players to fully grasp and interpret the available Blackjack side bets they do need a working knowledge of the game of blackjack itself. Blackjack is a card game played against the dealer, where each player is dealt face up cards and the dealer one face up one face down. Players can then hit or stand in a pursuit to reach as close as possible to 21 points and ultimately beat the dealer. Going over 21 is called going bust. The card values are their specific points value, with face cards representing 10 points and an Ace either 1 or 11. This is ultimately the layout of the classic blackjack gameplay and whilst some of the variations are pretty much identical in this regard there are quite a few possibilities here.

Where the Blackjack side bets begin to feature is actually usually during the initial bet phase but can extend to when the dealer has dealt his cards or when the players is dealt a certain hand. Either way these bets surface throughout these different versions and enable players to make bets adjacent and sometimes contradictory to their main betting.

Just a Few Blackjack Side Bets Available

With all the different variations it’s quite tricky to keep track of all if the different Blackjack side bets players can take advantage of, fortunately these aren’t often the most crucial aspects of the game so a lot of the learning with this can be done whilst playing. Some of the possible side bets include the more popular insurance bets, which essentially enables players to wager on the dealer getting a blackjack and in so doing insure against the losses therein. Other side bets include bust it, which is based on the dealer going bust and pays out based on the card they went bust with. There is also streak bets as well as number of cards bet, the former is based in progressive wins and the latter is a bet won if a certain number of cards are used to reach 20 or 21 points.

Conclusion of Available Blackjack Side Bets

So clearly there are quite a few Blackjack side bets available across all the different variations of this classic card game, far more than could be listed here, so players around the world are encouraged to explore these variations and the numbers of possible side bets alongside these games.